Street/Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Beginners – BRAND NEW Street & Hip Hop Class

BRAND NEW beginners Street and Hip Hop class – learn all the correct techniques to be a great street/hip hop dancer and have great fun along the way. Such as popping, locking, waving, Hip Hop, New Style, commercial, fusion funk, house dance and many more.

Our teacher David Jamerson has danced with such Pop stars as Leona Lewis, The Wanted, Oli Murs, Joe McElderry, Lilly Allen, Performed along side Diversity, Flawless, Performed on X-factor and many more.


4.45 – 5.30 5 – 8 years of Age Absolute New Beginners Street Class

5.30 – 6.15 8 years upwards Beginners/improvers Street Class

Hannakins Farm Community Centre, Rosebay Avenue, Billericay CM12 0SY

Very proud we are!

Sunday 9th March 2014 we traveled to Stoke on Trent for our I.D.T.A Nationwide National Street dance event.

What a successful day it was, Our 14 – 17 years Street Crew Off There Rockers Become Nationwide National Champions for the 2nd year running!!! last year Circus Freaks winning Mixed aged Crew event returning in the 14 – 17 years Crews and Becoming National Champions once again. We are very proud!

Street Dancer

We had 2 street quads going to the Nationals and both placed in the 14 – 17 years age group what more could we ask for. One of our quads placing 2nd place, massive congratulations to Megan Horton, Jade Wheeler, Chloe Talbot and Megan Dowsitt. Our other quad placed 4th in the 14 – 17 years age group massive congratulations to Nadine Longden, Emma Gerkin, Kathryn Johnson and Claudia Nolan.

We are also Had very good results in Solo’s and Duo Events including Claudia Nolan coming 7th in her solo 10 – 13 year age group.

Competition – Brand new Street/Hip Hop Class

Brand new Street/Hip Hop Competition class for anyone wanting to compete in IDTA competitions or the SDI (Street dance international) Circuit plus many others. Learning all the correct techniques judges want to see such as POPPING, lOCKING, WAVING, HIP HOP, New Style, Commercial, Fusion Funk, HOUSE DANCE AND MANY MORE, not just a bootie shake.

International Dance Teachers Association Nationwide Street Winners

2023   WINNERS

Jake Parnaby & Jessica Abraham 1st Place Winners Duo 12 & Under

Phoebe Grieg 5th Place Under 12 Solo

Jake Parnaby 3rd Place Under 12 Solo

Tegan Neville Phoebe Grieg  4th Place 13 -15 Pairs

Leah Masters/Sophie Grieg 4th Place 16-18 Pairs


Jake Parnaby & Jessica Abraham 1st Place in 9 Yrs and under IDTA DTA Nationwide Street Dance Finals  March 2019

Layla Manley, Kiki Manley Jacob Parnaby, Jessica Abraham  5th Place  in Quads

Layla Manley Kiera Le-Carpentier 6th Place in  13 – 15 yrs Duos

Jake Parnaby 2nd Place Stardance Solo

Layla Manley 5th Place 10-12 Yrs Solo

Kiera Le-Carpentier 13 -15 Yrs Solo


Nadine Longden, Emma Gerken, Kathryn Johnson, Claudia Nolan 1st Place in Street Quads at IDTA Nationwide Street Dance Finals March 11th 2012. Read this link

Kathryn Johnson & Claudia Nolan 6th place in 12 years and under IDTA Nationwide Street Dance Finals 12th March 2012

Joshua Costanzo 1st place in under 9’s IDTA Nationwide Medallist of the Year Street Dance Finals March 2011

Zachary Davies 2nd place in 14-17 years IDTA Nationwide Medallist of the Year Street Dance Finals March 2011

Joshua Costanzo/Zachary Davies/Megan Eves and Chloe Eves 2nd in 14 -17 years quads Street Dance Finals IDTA Nationwide Medallist of the Year Finals March 2011

Brand New Street/Hip Hop Team

Auditions for a new street/hip hop team are taking place now so if you are interested in competing in a brand new team or just want to be part of a crew let us know. Come down and show us what you got!

New Street Team we need you, if you love to street dance and want to take it further be part of our new crew. Thursday evenings 7.45 – 8.45 p.m.

What is Street and Hip Hop?

Street and hip hop is made up of many different styles and genres. Each with there own techniques and style such as: Popping, waving, liquid, strobing, Locking, Robotics, Breaking, Tutting, ticking, Jazz Funk, New style, Street Jazz, Commercial, House Dance, Lyrical Hip Hop, Krumping, Electric Boogaloo

Here is a small break down of some of these styles


Locking’s Primary move is called the lock which is like a sudden pause or freeze. Locking is created by the dancer constantly locking and after a short pause moving again. Some of locking’s moves include Stop go, Finger points, the lock, wrist rolls.


A Pop or a Hit is an aspect that creates popping. A pop is a sharp contract and relax of the muscle to create a jerk of the body. This can be done in lots of different muscle groups, arms legs, neck etc. Waving, Liquid, strobing come into popping to make the performance more exciting and more dynamic. Waving and liquid is exactly how it sounds making the body look like liquid water, creating waves throughout the body.

JAZZ Funk, Street JAZZ, NEW STYLE, Commercial

Street Jazz got created by technical jazz dancers fusing the styles together to create a more commercialised dance style this style is used by some pop stars. New style is a very rhythmical dance style incorporating a lot of musicality. The body is relaxed and the posture is over this way we can transfer from hitting the beat hard or riding through the music. New style is used in a lot of RnB Music videos.

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